You have an opportunity to do something that will


Impact Our Students!


Help Donald make a difference!


Here are some ways you can contribute:

Host a virtual

This is a great way to support the campaign. Gather your community using Zoom and host a virtual house party. This is a great setting to allow people to get to know Donald. Ask questions, share your concerns, and learn why he is the best choice to strengthen the connection between the board and the community. 

You can host parties for your unions, student groups, parent groups, neighborhood associations, clubs, or any group of concerned individuals who share similar values and hopes for the future of education. To schedule your virtual house party, click here and send the email. Thank you for your support!


In light of the current health crisis, in-person promotion will be kept to an absolute minimum -- but you can still get the word out about this campaign. Volunteers will be given digital materials to push out on their social media. 

Use your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to post content provided for you, to promote the values and platform of the Donald Walker campaign. 

To get your materials, just click here and send the email!


Effective campaign work and promotion requires money to make things happen. In these challenging times, a digital, socially distant campaign is responsible and necessary. 


ANY amount you can share will be used to put a caring, compassionate student centered leader on the Farmington Public Schools Board of Education. Please share what you can and we sincerely thank you.