Michael Bridges

City Council Member Farmington Hills

Donald Walker has the tools and skills to be an excellent addition to our school board. He is the candidate we need. 

Naomi Khalil

Deputy Executive Director

Office of the Equity, Advocacy and Civil Rights, DPSCD

As an educator of more than 20 years, Donald knows first-hand the variety of issues that a school district can face.  Having worked both at the classroom level as well as at the district level, Donald has the ability to examine issues and innovations from multiple vantage points in the educational system as he looks for solutions that will center the needs and voice of those who have historically been most oppressed and increase equitable outcomes for all involved.  Donald is courageous and will not just look for the solution that will please the majority, particularly if a better solution that centers students and their needs exists. Donald is a true leader for justice and values the integrity of voice and action in all he does. full endorsement here

Keichea Shauntee-Wilson

Parent/FPS Teacher of the Year 2018-2019

Farmington Public Schools

A few words about Mr. Walker: he is determined to make certain every child is given attention. He has a resume that boasts of his strengths in every aspect of education. He has always had excellent ideas for the board to implement into the schools but these ideas were given from the sidelines. Through much encouragement and support from the people of Farmington/Farmington Hills, he has decided to run for office.


Mr. Walker is an educator, he believes in Social Justice, Equity and fights for not only his children in the Farmington School District, but for ALL children. He is a resident of Farmington and works in the Detroit Public Schools Community District so he has great depth of knowledge about how schools work from an employee as well as parent perspective. He is a leader and believes in the best for children, staff and the greater Farmington community. full endorsement here

Amy Gerhart

FPS Parent & Girl Scout Troop Leader 42386

I have known Donald for almost 9 years. I first met him when his daughter and mine joined the same Girl Scout troop. Donald has always impressed me with his thoughtful suggestions, willingness to volunteer, and ability to listen. He leads by example and is committed to making our schools a better place for all of our children. He exudes dedication to both his family and community. I believe Donald will make an excellent addition to the FPS School Board with his positivity and leadership.

Kate Donnelly-Harris

FPS 4th Grade Teacher & Farmington Resident

When I first met Mr. Walker, his youngest daughter was an incoming kindergartner...His biggest concern was not how I was going to help his daughter, but how he could help his daughter.  Mr Walker understood that in order to support his daughter in her education, he must also support his daughter’s teacher, his daughter’s school, and his daughter’s district. He understood that all of these pieces of her education worked together...Mr. Walker is a man of integrity who will take his time to listen before making important decisions. He will welcome the opportunity to uphold and strengthen the Farmington Public Schools community and he will do so with resolve, integrity, and purpose.  Mr. Walker will truly serve our community and school district in a way that benefits all stakeholders. full endorsement here